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A Roadtrip to Self-Love: A Series

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

Artwork by Nina Prescott

This year really has been an eye-opening one. My time in Tokyo proved to be one of the most valuable and significant times in my life so far. For me, it kind of changed everything. For the first time this year, I began to finally address and deal with past issues I had had with myself in a way that was healthy. In the midst of lockdown, I began counselling to help begin the process of unravelling my emotions and past. Talking with my counsellor regularly, and being 100% honest, which in the past I hadn't been with other counsellors, helped me in ways I can't really explain. However, what I do know is that since then, I have been consciously putting in more effort to be better to myself, FOR myself. Little by little, I have been working on my mental and now physical health by working out more and day by day, I am becoming the version of myself I always wanted to be. I feel much more motivated these days, happier and increasingly confident in myself. I still have a way to go, of course but this whole thing has made me want to start an open and honest conversation about mental wellbeing because it is so important and it is so easy to sweep negative emotions under the rug.

I just want to preference that I am in no way claiming that I am an expert on issues of mental health and well-being and that I have the right answers or solutions; if you are struggling, I would highly recommended speaking to a professional such as a counsellor or a therapist. For me, this mini-series is about providing you with different resources and tips that have personally helped me in starting to improve my own mental well-being. Honestly, I have felt so inspired by all the resources and advocacy which has been flourishing across social media and that is one of the main reasons to why I want to also help share this positive impact in any way I can. Some topics I am planning to cover in the near future include how to stop negative thoughts, how to stop comparing, why counselling changed me and much more. These are things I have personally struggled with.

The journey to becoming truly happy and content in yourself really isn't a straight forward or linear one. Mistakes will be made but we learn from them. We are only human at the end of the day. Striving for the perfect formula in this case is more likely to do more harm than good. In my life right now, I take each day as it comes. I hope you can follow me on this road trip to self-love and I hope we can learn, grow and feel happier and healthier altogether!

For today, I want to leave you with some amazing instagram accounts and YouTube channels which have not only been useful but have also urged me to think about my own actions, feelings and lifestyle. This is a good starting point.


I will never stop recommending this account. Blossom is 'a safe space to talk about political and social issues entered around mental health'. What makes Blossom so special is that all resources are provided in English and Japanese. Discussion of mental health is still relatively taboo in Japan, leaving many people to feel alone and isolated. Blossomtheproject utilises the medium of artwork to deliver information about a variety of issues in a way which is easily accessible and quick to read. The founder of Blossom has just started her own YouTube channel so you can learn more about her and the project itself. I can't wait to see this blossom bloom.


The creator of this online club, Jenna uses graphics to share powerful and positive messages on how to improve your mental well-being. Some of my personal favourite posts of hers include 'positive coping mechanisms', 'give yourself reasons to like yourself' and the list goes on.


Psych2go is a great resource. This channel's library includes a vast collection of animated cartoons which address different mental health struggles in a way which is engaging and easy to watch. The videos on this channel are not a form of diagnosis but instead offer some of the signs or things you may experience. If you want to understand a little bit more why you are feeling the way you do, this channel is a great tool in guiding you and making you feel less alone.

Last note: I want to thank for the people in my life who have helped me along the way and have also been a source of inspiration to me in creating this type of content.

Jane x

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