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Blackpink in your Area: Recreating the ICONIC Manchester Concert Look

2019 has been a pivotal year for the girls of BLACKPINK; not only have they broken records, being the first KPOP band to perform at Coachella but they have also pushed the boundaries in terms of their style and fashion. Throughout the course of their European tour, the girls treated us BLINKS to a constant upload of their tour looks and outfits. Unsurprisingly, the girls were covered head to toe in the latest runway and designer looks including items from CHANEL, BURBERRY and many more.

Sadly, not all of us BLINKS have the dollar (though I wish I did) to afford the beautiful garments wore by Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo. That said, we can take inspiration and even sometimes replicate the girls' ICONIC concert looks. Today, I will be drawing inspiration from the girls' outfits from their Manchester concert. For those looking for the perfect concert outfit or even just wanting to dress more like the BLACKPINK girls, this guide may just be what you are looking for.

Instagram: roses_are_rosie

Inspired by Jennie

Lowdown on Jennie's style: Jennie is my bias in BLACKPINK and honestly the girl can pull any outfit out, she is beautiful. Being an AMBASSADOR (yes, she is that iconic) for CHANEL Korea means she is always dripping in CHANEL (and honestly, I live for it). There is one way to describe Jennie's concert outfits: glamorous. Her outfits are always covered in embellishments making her look like a model from a VOGUE editorial shoot. Jennie is also always given a statement piece of jewellery (mostly from CHANEL).

Seen in Rosé's Instagram post, Jennie looks stunning in a plain white t-shirt from RODARTE and these jaw-dropping embellished high waisted shorts. I like the fact that the t-shirt is simple yet bold as it compliments the drama and sparkle of her shorts.

Here's how to recreate the look:


Although beautiful, Jennie's RODARTE graphic t-shirt already retails for over £100. Graphic tees are in abundance at the moment, so you will not have any trouble finding one for less. However, I picked this 'SPRING' tee from Topshop because of the fact that the writing was bold like the RODARTE one. Although a different neckline to that of RODARTE, I think the high neckline helps to make this simple graphic tee more interesting.


I couldn't find anything to replicate Jennie's shorts, so I just went with the concept of sparkles, sequins and embellishments. Although I picked out a skirt not a pair of shorts, I feel the length of the skirt allows you to mimic the silhouette of Jennie's outfit. Additionally, the black and gold colour combination gives of that elegant and glamorous, the vibe Jennie always gives off.


The girls of BLACKPINK are always wearing Docs for their stage performances, probably because they are practical to dance in and also because they are a statement shoe which go with most outfits. Although more on the expensive side, Docs are lifelong shoes and are practical for concerts goers. These simple black chunky boots help to nicely tie together Jennie's statement look.

Total Outfit Price: £217

Inspired by Lisa

Lowdown on Lisa's style: I love this girl's style. She is the epitome of cool and is definitely by 90s fashion and silhouettes. In regards to her concert outfits, I feel the basis of her outfits take inspiration from street fashion but the accessories she wears helps to cement that girl-crush vibe and glamour.

Lisa's outfit here is quite simple, I'm not sure if her outfit is a one piece or a two piece covered in embellishments. Yet, I love this outfit and it is something which I would wear myself. I feel this outfit has just the right amount of embellishments and a good placement of them as well. Keeping to this simplicity, I have mainly focused on creating an outfit which gives off all the glamour which Lisa's does but one which is not too overpowering.

Here's how to recreate the look:


This bralet from ASOS is gorgeous. Although the embellishment style is slightly different to that of Lisa's, I feel the placement of the jewels are pretty similar. I wanted to keep to black and silver colour scheme to achieve the beautiful simplicity of Lisa's outfits. I feel this bralet is a great item to have in your wardrobe; perfect for layering over a t-shirt or to be wore by itself.


These beaded shorts from Doll's Kill definitely make a statement. The reason I chose these shorts is because I felt they matched the top nicely and kept to the colour palette of Lisa's outfit.


Keeping to plain black knee highs means that you don't detract too much attention from the glitz of the outfit itself. These boots from ASOS seemed to be quite similar to those Lisa wore in the Manchester concert, seen by the shape of the font of the boot.


Lisa is also seen wearing a silver choker. This one from Boohoo is beautiful. I love the fact that there are two different jewels in the choker, helping to not only provide glam but a statement.

Pretty Little Thing. GOLD CROSS PENDANT DROP CHAIN BELT. £10.00.

Although gold, this cross pendant chain belt just adds the finishing touch to the outfit. Adding this belt means you are able to replicate the shape and style of the embellishments seen on Lisa's shorts.

Total Outfit Price: £165.40

Inspired by Rosé

Lowdown on Rosé's style: The best way to describe Rosé's style is 'girl next door'. She loves her neutral colours and she has just such a soft and elegant aesthetic. That said, she is also quite experimental with her style and is seen trying out different styles and vibes.

Rosé is seen wearing a gorgeous embellished two piece. In terms of inspiration for this outfit, I concentrated on recreating her girly and romantic style while putting a twist on the outfit itself.

Here's how to recreate the look:


This top to me perfectly symbolise Rosé and her style; delicate, simple and girly. Keeping with the gold and white colour scheme, this top provides the floral pattern seen on Rosé's concert outfit.

Pretty Little Thing. WHITE MILITARY CROPPED JACKET. £15.00.

To me the top half of Rosé's outfit looks slightly like a blazer so that's what decided to add to the look. I feel this military jacket is simple yet because of its gold buttons helps create a statement. I feel to girls are often inspired by military style looks and silhouettes so this jacket would actually be really good in regards to recreating other BLACKPINK looks.

French Connection. ELOISE MIRRORS MINI SKIRT. £49.00.

The style of skirt I have chosen is very different to that of Rosé's. She is seen wearing a Aline style skirt but when I was searching and came across this STUNNING skirt from French Connection, I knew I had to use this for Rosé's outfit. This mini skirt definitely has a girly and romantic feel to it. I love the embellishments on this skirt and it really is the perfect statement piece. The amount of embellishments on this skirt means you will be catching everyone's eye.


Rosé is seen wearing white boots, I found this gorgeous ones from Nasty Gal. The gold detailing on the boot itself helps to bring together the whole outfit and keep to the gold and white colour scheme of the overall outfit.

Total Outfit Price: £103.50

Inspired by Jisoo

Lowdown on Jiso's Style: Jisoo's style is sophisticated and classy. I feel if she shopped high street she would probably head to Zara. I feel the girl can pull off any type of outfit or vibe.

Jisoo's look in the Manchester is my favourite one. I really want to replicate this outfit sometime. What is so interesting about Jisoo's outfit is the layering. There are so many different things going on with her outfit and I feel like her outfit is probably the easiest to wear in terms of going out. The accessories given to Jisoo really tie the look together and create a slick outfit.

Here's how to recreate the look:

Nasty Gal. SEQUIN OR LOSE CROP TOP. £8.00.

Jisoo wore a gorgeous sequin top and I searched to find one which was similar. In the end, I found this one from Nasty Gal. Not only is the floral pattern similar to that of Jisoo's but this top is also backless which makes it even more interesting. The V neck will also perfectly compliment the mesh top which is layered underneath.


Plain and simple; a cropped mesh top is perfect for layering or being wore by itself.

Pretty Little Thing. BLACK DISCO FIT SHORT. £10.00.

Jisoo's shorts are pretty plain, it is the accessories which make them dazzling and interesting. These disco fit shorts from Pretty Little Thing are (like the title implies) a tight fit like those of Jisoo's.

Nasty Gal. TOTAL STUD CHUNKY BOOT. £27.00.

In Jennie's outfit, I included a pair of Doc Martens. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, I stand by Nasty Gal Boots. They are actually really comfortable and last a long time. I bought a pair a while back for a concert and not only did they give me height but were pretty comfortable to wear even when standing for long hours. These studded boots bare vast similarities to the Doc Martens. I felt because there was so much already going on in Jisoo's outfit, why not add some more drama and statement.


This belt is amazing. The standout piece of Jisoo's outfit is the cross belt. I found this one from New Look. The red and gold work so well together and will help to add more colour to the overall outfit. This piece can also be wore as a necklace. We love a versatile item.


It looks like Jisoo is wearing a gold choker. I wanted add a bit more red seen on the chain belt into the outfit. This choker is everything. This red heart choker is so cute and helps to bring the colours of the outfit together.

Total Outfit Price: £78.50

Keep an eye out for the next BLACKPINK style guide.

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