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♡ Natural Pink Flush Make Up Look ♡

Heading into the summer season for me meant a time to change up my look a little bit. In an effort to 'glow myself up a bit' I really wanted to try something new. So for the time being, I have scrapped my signature eyeliner as I have become more and more obsessed with natural and soft looking make up.

I am in no way an expert in the world of make up and I rarely play around with different looks. However, the Tokyo scene and all the looks I see on my insta feed on a daily basis have inspired me massively to try out something new. Also, in the last couple of months, I have collected a lot of new make up products which I desperately wanted to try out as well.

In the end, after messing about with some of my products, I created this, what I am going to call, a 'natural pink flush look'. Here is what I used to produce this pink-focused look...


In the hot summer days, I prefer wearing something a little lighter than foundation. This is why I opt for the Ideal Concealer Duo from the SAEM. What's so good about this concealer is not just its coverage but also the fact it includes both a liquid and stick concealer. It's a great product for those who want to cover up any acne or redness. This concealer comes in three shades, I use the shade 02 Rich Beige. Normally, I use the stick concealer to cover up any spots and then use the liquid concealer under my eyes.

¥1,320 (£9.45)

Recently, I purchased this Lovely Cookie Blusher from Etude House in the shade BR402. Blush, is something I never wore that much before however, I feel it helps to brighten up the face, making it look more awake and sun-kissed. This colour was recommended to me by one of the shop assistants. Its this gorgeous peachy pink colour which looks subtle on the skin. Using the puff included, I just lightly dabbed my cheek area to create that 'pink flushed' look.

¥630 (£4.51)

For highlight, this 3CE glow highlight in the

shade #TAKE A MOMENT was the perfect fit. This highlight is subtle yet super pigmented. It comes with a puff for easy application and it lasts for so long, providing a gentle glow all day long. Its pink tone helped to bring the look together.

¥2,190 (£15.68)

In the hot Tokyo summers, your make up is likely to sweat off immediately. This Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Pact is the best product to lock in your make up and mattify your face. If you have oily skin this is a great product for you. I love the fact it is also a perfect compact size and can fit in your make up bag super easily.

¥1,320 (£9.45)


This Drawing Eye Brow Pencil from Etude House has been my go-to now for the last couple of years, partly because of how cheap this product is and how long it lasts for. This product really keeps it simple. It is great for those who want more natural looking eyebrows and don't need to fill them in too much. At the moment, I have quite dark brown hair so I am currently using the shade 01, which is conveniently called 'Dark Brown'. I gently use the pencil to fill in any gaps in my brows and then use the spoolie to soften the brow and brush away any excess product.

¥290 (£2.08)

The star of this look is definitely the gorgeous peach shimmer shade from this Heart Blossom palette by Etude House. This palette was released in 2020 as part of the long-awaited cherry blossom season. For this look, I used the bottom middle shade 'Blossom Sunset', a gorgeous shimmery peach shade.

¥1,050 (£7.57)

With wearing eyeliner less and less these days, I am becoming obsessed with falsies more and more. For this look, I used these lashes from D-Up in '02 Sexy'. My friend recommended these to me and they have quickly become my all time favourites. The thing that I love most about these lashes is

just how natural they look and how easy they are to apply.

2 Lashes x ¥1320 (£9.51)

This is the product which actually inspired the whole look. Canmake is one of Japan's most famous make up brands since it is affordable and of good quality. Before this, I had never used one of their products but I saw that they just recently bought out this Quick Lash Curler in a range of different colours. When I saw this mauve/pink colour, I knew I had to try it out. The applicator is slightly different to that seen in other mascaras as it is flat but this actually helped to coat the colour on my lashes a lot of effectively. This stunning mauve colour stands out so much. If you are looking to add a bit more colour into daily make up but in a way that isn't too dramatic, I would highly recommend this.

¥680 (£4.90)


OPERA cosmetics has quickly become one of Japan's most loved make up brands. Their lip-tints are one, if not, the most popular lip product in the Japanese market at the moment. This is because not only are their lip-tints super moisturising but the colours are so beautiful while being sheer and subtle. Every once in a while, OPERA releases 'exclusive shades' and the shade I used for this look is one of them. Can I just say, the shade name itself is stunning, Orange Lily. Actually, this shade may have in fact has become my all time favourite shade. I love the pinky and orange tone of this shade and I think it stands out so much. For me, it was the perfect lip shade to compliment and finish off this pink look.

¥1,650 (£11.81)

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