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The Aesthetic Room Make Over

If you are like me, you will spend hours scrolling through Pinterest or YouTube looking at the most aesthetically pleasing rooms and wishing you could do the same. I remember that from around 2014, YouTubers would film room tours and I would binge watch so many of them.

It has taken me a very long time to achieve a room and aesthetic that I am happy with. My style and 'aesthetic' as some may know has changed drastically across the years. I use to have bright blue carpets and one of those princess nets over my bed. A couple of years back now, I was lucky enough to have my room completely redone and this time I decided to go with simplicity. I now have white floors and white wooden-looking floors. My room overall is neither big nor small but transforming the room to all white has for sure made it look bigger.

My mum once said my room should take inspiration from those soft looking and classic rooms you see in Paris. I like this idea, yet I love industrial looking rooms too. For me, Youtuber Iamkareno has the DREAM room. I love the fact she has pop culture references embedded all across her room. Mine and Iamkareno's rooms are very different, yet I must admit there are elements which bear similarities.

Instagram: @iamkareno

Today I will be lending you guys a helping hand, giving you a few tips on how to easily spice up your room. You don't need to have everything redone in your room for it to look aesthetic, sometimes its just about the little organisation and display bits which help make your room look a little more put together.

For background, my room mainly follows and white and copper/gold aesthetic. All my furniture is white and any display bits I have I try to ensure that they are copper. After many years, I feel like I have finally created a room which completely feels like me. I hope the tips I share with you today can help not only in organising but embellish your room.

The Clothes Rail

The central feature of my room is the clothes rail. One quick scroll through 'bedroom decoration ideas' on Pinterest and you will find clothes rails being used in abundance. I think this is because it almost gives off that rich boutique-looking vibe. This white one from IKEA was not only inexpensive, costing £10, but is also perfect given its size and the extra space it provides. To help create a more 'luxurious' and 'glam' look, I have carefully selected my most 'stand out' pieces from my wardrobe including an abundance of sparkly dresses and tops. To further achieve the 'perfect aesthetic', I have tried to keep my items in colour order and have placed a lot of pink, lilac and other lighter coloured items to uphold the 'soft' and 'pretty' look which the rest of the room holds.

Because of the fact I wanted to achieve a more minimalistic look, I ensured that the rail was not too overcrowded with clothes and looked too busy. Instead, to fill up the remaining space, I have just placed a couple of bags. I felt this holographic and copper one were a good choice since they matched the colours of the other items. On top I placed this bag I got from Stylenanda Tokyo, I thought this bag was super cute and I love the typography used by the brand and I felt it just bought everything together nicely.

Top Tip: If you want to draw more attention to your displayed favourite items of clothing, add fairy lights. These star shaped ones were only around £2 from Primark and help massively to light up my room on any dark and dull evening.

Next to my rail, I recently added this MALM white chest of drawers also from IKEA which retail for £90. Like most people in this generation, I own a lot of clothes and as result have run out of space in my wardrobe. My room overall is not massive so I will not be able to add anymore furniture into it so I wanted to make sure that I chose a good chest of drawers that could hold everything. I have used this drawer to store all my tops and like my rail, it is all done by colour order.

The Accessory Display

Display your most loved pieces of jewellery and make them look more expensive and bourgeois than they are by placing them in a glass display case like this one above. You can find these types of cases in a variety of stores including Home Sense, TK Maxx, Urban Outfitters and many more. This particular one was from H&M home. What I like about this display box is the fact that the bottom is mirrored which in turn helps to make my jewellery stand out more and look fancier. My jewellery display case which sits on top of my chest of drawers is not only one of my favourite decorations I have in my room but is also super handy when I just need to quickly grab the finishing touch to my outfits.

Top tip: To make your accessory display as 'aesthetically pleasing' as possible, I recommend picking pieces which are of similar colour. For example, I have opted for golds and sparkly jewellery which compliment each other nicely.

In front of this display box, I have some other jewellery holders. The deer one holds all the rest of my earrings, hence why it looks a little messy. The Sakura shaped bowl was 100 yen (78p) and is one of my favourite display pieces in my room. I actually purchased it during my first trip alone to Japan during the sakura season and since then it has homed all my rings.

Behind, you can see that I have a Neon Light that says 'Fake Love', this was actually a custom Neon Light which I purchased from ETSY. I love the whole Neon Lights thing but they are super expensive so I was over the moon when I found a seller who could make a custom one for a good price.

The Postcard Holder & Dressing Table

My dressing table is nothing too exciting. I just have a white basket which holds all my random bits of make up. In the middle, I have some plastic drawers from Primark which has some lipsticks in and single eyeshadows. On top of that, I have two brush holders. Next to all of this, I have this clear stand where this jewellery holder and postcard holder sits. The white jewellery was 500 yen (£4) and this copper postcard holder was from the 100 yen shop in Japan. Some of my favourite photos and concert tickets are placed here. I love having this here as its a great way to display your favourite memories and random small polaroids or photos you may have.

The Perfume Stand

On the other side of my room, I have another set of drawers which stores my make up and other bits and bobs. Living on top of these drawers is my perfume collection. This gold perfume stand is from IKEA as well, honestly once working in IKEA has shown me that they sell some of the best home decoration items. Behind this tray, I have a some fake lavender which my mum got me the Christmas when my room was redone. I am not a very good plant mum, so fake flowers are the way forward for me. I am also in love with this print which I got from Desenio. Desenio is a website where you can buy the most beautiful prints for a really good price. The frame is also from Desenio and of course I got the rose gold one to match the other gold pieces displayed in my room.

Take a look: https://desenio.co.uk

The Art Window

Now moving over to the window sill, I have placed some of my favourite pieces of art. On the right side, I have this gorgeous drawing by Zipcy. Zipcy is an illustrator from Korea and she is known for her drawings of couples, showing off the purest and most beautiful aspects of love. She is for sure one of my favourite illustrators because of the fact she can capture such simple moments of love and gloss over them with soft colours and settings. After I was lucky enough to see some of her work in an exhibition last year in Seoul, I knew I wanted a piece of her artwork. However, it is quite hard to get a hold of. Sadly, I could not get my hands on my all-time favourite painting done by her but luckily I was able to purchase this one from RedBubble. Zipcy has her own shop on RedBubble but I believe only sells this print. Regardless, it is beautiful so I knew I had to display it somewhere.

My Favourite Artwork from @Zipcy

The frame was another purchase from IKEA, costing only £5. Surrounding this gorgeous work is these rose fairy lights which are from Primark and only cost £5 as well. I added some random candles in front to just fill the space; the left one from a market in Lanzarote and other from a discount shop in Chester.

The Magazine Collection

Just like IamKareno has in her room, I also have some magazines on display in one of my storage units next to my bed. This copper basket is from Primark and was only £4, I have about 5 or 6 of these in my room, they are super useful for storing different things whilst adding to my white and gold aesthetic. I have put my Japan NLYON magazine at the front of my collection given the vibrant colours of its front page. Again, to fill up space, I have just placed my Marc Jacobs box in front, creating a minimalistic look.

A Little Bit of Nostalgia

If you know me well, you know that travelling is my one true love. Over the years I have become an avid collector of things. When I was younger, I use to collect snow globes and postcards from every place I ever visited but when I started to travel more independently and with friends, I changed to collecting pins. This pin collection isn't that old hence why there is not that many pins but I think this is a great way to have keep close to your heart a little reminder of past travels and trips. The pin board itself is once again from my most trusted 100 yen store; however, I did need to spray this one copper gold myself. When I bought my MALM drawers I did not realise that when you opened the top, there was a mirror inside. I think this area is meant for different bits of jewellery but I placed this little pin collection in there, mainly because I have no more places in my room to display it properly. I quite like having it in here, it is like I am opening up old and good memories. Symbolic, I know.

If you decide to recreate any of these display and organisation ideas. Show us on instagram @uchu_mag

Stay in tune for some very exciting and new content very soon.

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