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What We Can Learn From Terrace House

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Terrace House has become not only well-loved but a highly successful show which has touched the hearts of many. Currently, the show is on its 5th series which started late this summer. The new series is planned to be one of the longest yet, ending around the time of 2020 Tokyo Olympics next summer. This means this season of Terrace House will probably be one of the best yet as viewers will be introduced to a host of different characters and personalities.

For those who have never watched or even heard of the Terrace House, the main premise of the show is simple; 3 boys and 3 girls live together in gorgeous house. These people still continue their everyday lives by going to work and seeing their friends outside the show.

The show has only become a major successful in the West in the last couple of years. One of the reasons why it has only recently become a success is because the format and the mood of the show is very unique and different to reality shows in the West. There are of course the cultural differences but also the way topics romance and relationships are presented.

For me, Terrace House is a show which is so refreshing and so wholesome. I think it is a great representation of what life and love is actually like. It doesn't feel forced or formatted, it just feels natural. The show has helped me realise many things, things which I think are useful to apply to my own life.

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That there is something so lovely about the most mundane and everyday interactions

One of the main criticisms that the show gets is that it is uneventful, slow and a little bit boring. Although at times the pace of the show is tedious, I think that is one of its charm points. I remember when I first watched an episode of Boys and Girls in the City (2015-2016), I did think to myself 'is sitting around the dinner table and going to the supermarket and work all they do' but once watching a couple more episodes I realised that this is what made the show so refreshing.

Life isn't always exciting. I mean in the sense that you are not always going to have big days and nights out. There is something so beautiful about watching a group of strangers become friends through everyday conversations around the dinner table. It made me realise often the smallest interactions, conversations or moments are the most memorable. From this, I learnt to just enjoy and immerse myself in every moment even if at the time it seems a little bit dull. You can learn so much about people, their experiences and about yourself through these interactions. Sometimes we all step back and take a little bit of time in the day to appreciate the little things in life, I know this is something I need to do myself.

My favourite Japanese quote is 期一会 (one time, one meeting). This quote is about how you can never take back time and repeat a certain occasion or event. I feel like the mood of Terrace House perfectly epitomises this feeling or having to just appreciate each moment.

Learn to be your own person; develop your passions and face what you fear

No matter what series you watch, one thing that is ALWAYS talked about is people's life goals and passions. Additionally, in every series there is always a young individual around 20 who has no idea what they want to do in life, which is completely normal. Watching more and more episodes though has made me realise that having passions and goals is something really respected and seen as really attractive. More often than not, the older contestants lecture the younger ones at working towards a certain goal. Sometimes I feel that the conversation goes a bit too far in the sense it is implied that everyone should know exactly what they want to do in life which is a little bit of an unfair position to put a 20 year old in.

Independence is something else which seems to be really valued. Being your own person and learning from your mistakes is something which is deemed as an attractive trait on Terrace House. I think it is easy to slip into the habit of relying on other people to do things for you or tell you what to do. You do need to have a good amount of self-confidence and assurance to be a fully independent person. I always feel inspired watching the individuals on Terrace House as most of them have a passion they are trying to pursue. It is also comforting to see that everyone is quite supportive of each other and wants to help people grow and develop. Binge-watching Terrace House will for sure make you think in what ways can I better myself today.

You should probably just tell someone how you feel

It is always awkward telling someone you have been crushing on them for a while. A lot of the time in Terrace House, people often wait a long time to admit their feelings or skirt around the topic. I love this representation of romance and relationships because it is so true and real. It is hard to admit to someone how you feel. Yet, looking at the relationships which were formed on the show, I think it is sometimes good to just take the risk. Ask that person out somewhere and just go for it. The best way to tell someone? Terrace House hasn't quite given me an answer for that question quite yet. Though looking at past series, dedicating a song seems to be a popular choice, not one I would personally choose but if you need an idea it may be an option.

If something better comes along, take it.

This isn't just about relationships and pursuing new people but about life opportunities as well. More often than not, someone leaves Terrace House to pursue their career or other life goals. For the majority of those on the show, it is often a tough decision and in the end an emotional department. Stalking the instagrams of former contestants who left the show early though puts into perspective that if something better comes along, you should take it. Former contestants have had major success in their careers because they took the risk and left Terrace House at the right time to pursue their careers.

Should probably explore Tokyo a bit more

A little bit of a specific one but every date that has happened so far in this series has taken place in a niche-looking, independent bar or restaurant somewhere in Tokyo. Since moving to Tokyo in September, I feel like I just go back to the same places and not really try and explore new or more local places. There are so many cool places to go and eat and visit in Japan. It is so comfortable just going back to somewhere you know but I feel like I should just go on a train and just go off at a random stop and discover somewhere new. Watching this series of Terrace House makes me realise that Tokyo really is full of little hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Catch the new series of Terrace House on Netflix.

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