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UCHU is an experiment. 

UCHU is a passion project. 

UCHU is a space to learn about and express our interests.

From high fashion and beauty to Korean cinema and Japanese cafes, UCHU is a reflection of aesthetics and media through our eyes as we move through our 20s. With a particular focus on aspects of East Asian culture from a British perspective, our articles and videos will resist categorisation and span a wide range of topics.



Jane Pipkin


My dual heritage, British and Japanese, has meant that from a young age I was exposed to different cultures. As I have gotten older, Japanese culture is something which interests me more and more, and I hope to expand that next year as I'll be living in Tokyo.

My main interests lie in fashion, travel and culture. Some may say that drinking iced coffee is another. In terms of fashion, I draw a lot of inspiration from Japanese Street Style and KPOP fashion.

UCHU for me is something very special. It allows me to share and shape my creativity. Through UCHU I hope to create a magazine which draws attention to the beauty and aesthetics of East Asian culture, one which is accessible to everyone.


Bryony Salter


I've loved music, writing and fashion all my life. Ever since I was a kid I've had my nose buried in a book, earphones on my head and ridiculous patterned heels on my feet. My dream is for UCHU to be a platform where I can begin  to combine those things in a format more fitting to adult life.

Moving to Beijing on a whim after finishing secondary school sparked my interest in East Asian culture and now I've fallen deeply in love with Japanese novels and Korean music, as well as the unique fashion.

I'm spending this next year studying in Seoul so I look forward to learning more and more everyday, and broadening my horizons in such a different environment. 

How would you describe each other’s style?

JANE : Bryony is girly, colourful, and chic

BRYONY: Jane is trend-oriented, girl-crush, and just pretty cool

Who are your defining style icons?

JANE : All of the Blackpink girls

BRYONY: Zendaya, Red Velvet, and Katie from Steal the Spotlight

Which decade inspires your fashion the most?

JANE :  I like the 90s, but mostly modern streetstyle

BRYONY: At the moment I'm drawn to a mixture of 60s silhouettes and 80s patterns

What’s the trademark of your style?

JANE : Anything oversized, especially a good graphic tee

BRYONY: Always heels and a bold earring

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