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Cafe Hopping: Onibus Coffee, Nakameguro

A couple of weeks ago, Bryony came to visit me in Tokyo. One of our favourite pastimes back home is to seek out new cafes, drink some good coffee and have a long catch ups. Bryony was keen to find a place which had a similar vibe to the cafes she regularly visits in Korea, with a quick instagram location search she found the place she was looking for.

Located in Meguro, this quaint coffee shop really does feel a world away from the hustle and bustle of central Tokyo. You truly feel relaxed and at peace given that the shop is situated next to a small park and is in a more residential area.

Interestingly, this coffee shop is named 'Onibus' after the Portuguese word 'public bus'. On their website, Onibus Coffee states that it prides itself off 'the idea of connecting people like a bus. We will deliver such a cup of coffee that has been melted in everyday life. そんなバスのように人と人を繋ぐという思いを込めて、オニバスコーヒーと名付けました。日常にとけ込んだ一杯、そんなコーヒーをお届けします'. It is fair to say, this little shop achieves this aim with its friendly staff and its warm welcome.

Although the food and drinks choice is not extensive, the quality of the products is excellent. These products can also be purchased from their online store. This shop offers hand drip coffee, a 'today's brew' and other standard choices such as an espresso and American. It is the perfect haven for any coffee lover. If you are not the biggest coffee fan, don't worry, the menu also has hot chocolate as an option.

In addition to this, Onibus Coffee has a good selection of homemade cake/bread. I picked out the banana bread which was so fresh and tasty. Altogether, my drink and cake came to a total of around ¥600 (£4.19) so was fairly reasonable.

There is seating both outside and inside. Both have a minimalistic vibe in terms of their interiors and aesthetic, making this shop a great location for instagram photos. On a warm summer's day, I would recommend sitting outside with a book and absorb the wonderful atmosphere, it is a great place to clear your mind for a bit. In regards to the inside seating, although space is limited, it is the perfect place to study or work. I feel next semester, I will be here a lot. The huge windows and the passing of the trains every couple of minutes help to create a cosy and comforting feeling. Sitting her, I genuinely felt as though I was in a scene from some niche slice-of-life film.

If you ever need an escape from the chaos of everyday life and to have a good cup of coffee, Onibus Coffee is the place for you.

More Information

Address: 2 Chome-14-1 Kamimeguro, Meguro City, Tokyo 153-0051

Price Range: ¥

Opening Times: Mon-Sun: 9am-6pm

Instagram: @onibuscoffee

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