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Foxy Illustrations X W♡C Collaboration

Back in September, I went to Sanrio Puroland for my birthday. When walking around one of the many, many gift shops, I came across a special Hello Kitty collaboration which I instantly fell in love with. The concept; Hello Kitty characters with pinup girls, super cute, super sexy. On that day, I bought the cutest Cinnamoroll pinup girl make up case and since then I have used it religiously. Still to this day, I regretted not buying more from the collection because the illustration style was completely my type of aesthetic; retro and girly. I kept the name of the illustrator 'Foxy Illustrations' in my head for future reference.

So when I was scrolling through my instagram last night, my eyes lit up when I saw WC was doing a collaboration with Foxy illustrations. From the moment I frantically scrolled through all the collaboration pieces available, I knew I had to get my hands on at least some of this collection.

What I love most about this particular collaboration and Foxy illustrations in general is the bold colours, simplicity and the overall aesthetic. In her drawings, Foxy illustrations focuses on themes of love, sex, femininity. To me, her illustrations are super empowering. The two main illustrations created for this special collaboration are of two different pinup girls, both gorgeous and have two different vibes with more being more 'kawaii' oriented and the other being more sexy and having a more 2000s influence. The collection includes two different types of tote-style handbags, stickers, phone cases, jackets, jumpers, socks, pillows and even more. I really appreciate that all the goods on sale are practical and useful. Overall, I think the items are fairly priced with the lowest being around ¥300 (£2) and the highest around ¥4000 (£27).

I got my hands on the pink jacket which was around ¥4000, a sweater with the blonde haired girl on it which was around ¥2000 and then a really useful-sized pouch with the same character on which wad around ¥1500 (£10).

Additionally, if you spend over ¥5000 you receive a free gift, a cup with the bunny and bear characters on which I thought was a super cute touch. The items were even packed in the cutest Foxy Illustrations bag which is hands down the prettiest shopping bag I have ever received in my life.

This collection is currently being stocked in WC in Takeshita Street, WC in Shibuya 109 and a variety of Wego stores around Tokyo.

Foxy Illustrations also announced on instagram last night that they are doing another collaboration with the clothing brand Heather so even if you are unable to get your hands on the WC collection, don't worry there will be new products coming very soon.

♡ Follow Foxy illustrations on instagram @____foxy____

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