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Sakura Eye Candy: Sakura Jingu Shrine

A short wander from Sakura-Shimmachi station leads you to the area's best kept secret, Sakura Jingu Shrine. This local Shinto-shrine is currently decorated with the most beautiful pink winter cherry blossoms and really is a sight to behold. In all honesty, this has now become my all time favourite spot to view these beautiful blossoms.

Despite this shrine being small in size, it is big in character. Peaceful and tranquil, this shrine is the perfect place to clear your head. If you are able to visit on a blue sky day, you are in luck as this is when the tree looks its best in photos. It is a great photo location. What makes this sakura viewing spot so unique is the fact that in one of the trees, pink ribbons are placed right next to the sakura. I have never seen this be done before and for me, it just added a whole other layer of beauty.

In addition to this, the goshuin stamp is also one of the most gorgeous ones I have ever collected, costing ¥500 (around £4). If you do not collect these shrine stamps, it's a good time to start as this shrine sells an elegant blush pink sakura goshuincho (stamp book). Good luck charms and omikuji (fortunes) are also sold in abundance.

I have now visited this shrine twice, the first time being 27th February and the second being the 6th March. In this time alone a lot of the petals have already fallen highlighting just how quickly time is running out to witness these beautiful blossoms. I would highly recommend visiting this shrine sometime in the next week or so before all the petals fall; don't miss the chance to see what I believe is one of the most beautiful sakura trees in Tokyo.

General Information

Address: 3 Chome-21-3 Shinmachi, Setagaya City, Tokyo 154-0014

Opening Times: Mon-Sun 9am-5pm

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