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Style Icons: A Breakdown of Kiko Mizuhara's 20 Most Iconic Looks

Kiko Mizuhara is taking the world by storm. This American-Japanese model, actress and designer has clearly shown the world how much of a fashionista she is. What I personally love about her is just how she isn't afraid to express herself through her clothing and make up. She is always seen trying new aesthetics and vibes but still displays the underlying 70s, 80s and 2000s influences in she is most known for.

Today, I will be breaking down 20 of what I think are her most ICONIC looks, dating from 2017 onwards. Which one is your favourite?

Source: Instagram @vivi_mag_official

I remember walking into my local Lawson and first laying my eyes on this beautiful cover for ViVi Magazine. Kiko looks amazing in this 90s inspired outfit. The hook and eye black cardigan with the crochet skirt is such a fit. I also appreciate the fact that the pink on the hem of the skirt compliments the stunning marble effect earrings. The plaits alongside the knee high boots bring everything together superbly.

Source: Instagram @i_am_kiko, 25th June

Classy but let's make it sexy. In this other shot for Kiko's feature in ViVi, this floral puff and long sleeve dress is made even more stand out with the addition of this black satin corset. The colours are bought together with the inclusion of these dangly poppy earrings. Once again, Kiko's hair is looking as flawless and editorial as ever, as she is styling this high pony plait. What makes this whole look so memorable is the fact it is so simple yet so dramatic.

Source: Netflix

Gorgeous Kiko graced our small screens earlier this year when she took part in Queer Eye's season in Japan. A number of fabulous outfits were showcased but this red feathered outfit was my personal favourite. Kiko is certainly making a statement in this bold colour and texture. Her make up and hairstyle create such a bright, loving and full of life vibe. One which perfectly fits the personalities of the Fab Five.

Source: Instagram @i_am_kiko, 1st December 2018

Everything about this look is divine. The leather corset and sheer skirt combo, is so elegant with a touch of sexiness. The Dior Saddle Bag, timeless. The make up, styling and accessories, everything. This is the look of dreams for any brand event.

Source: Instagram @i_am_kiko, 7th May 2020

This playful look is another all-time-fav. Such 2000s energy is given off with the beaded necklace and pale blue liner. The fluffy purple playboy cardigan is super cute and the Office Kiko graphic tee just completes this casual yet fun look. This is definitely great inspo for going back to school looks.

Source: Instagram @i_am_kiko, 8th September 2019

I remember when I scrolled past this photo on my feed and my jaw fully dropped. This dramatic look which implements traditional Japanese aesthetics such as the long locks and the tatami mat is contrasted with the yellow sheer number which Kiko is styled in. This blending of traditional and contemporary is so striking. Indie Magazine did a revolutionary job with this shot.

Source: Instagram @i_am_kiko, 30th August 2019

This look for Rogue Fashionbook had to be included, I mean look at how striking this image is. This rich sky blue fur coat and matching boots are everything. The slightly pop art style make up creates such a bold statement and energy.

Source: Instagram @i_am_kiko, 20th September 2019

Kiko is showing us ultimate glam in this beautiful figure-hugging blue velvet dress. The simple addition of this silver necklace alongside the gorgeous curls creates such a Hollywood ready look. Everything about this is so straightforward and sometimes those types of looks are the best.

Source: Instagram @i_am_kiko, 16th May 2019

The material, the cut, the COLOUR. Kiko looks like royalty in this utterly beautiful gown. I think this was the perfect choice for one of the biggest events of the year, the Cannes Film Festival. Once again, Kiko's hair looks absolutely flawless being styled in this side bun. What is more, is the fact her lip colour matching the inside material of the dress. This is so satisfying.

Source: Instagram @i_am_kiko, 31st January 2019

Our UNIF girl strikes again, this time in the all-so-popular purple lace hook and eye corset. Kiko's look here is giving me such punk chick vibes as she matched the corset with this cool purple beaded cardigan alongside faux leather hot pant style shorts. The inclusion of the pattern tights and those crazy heeled boots honestly bring so much to the look and gives me so much life.

Source: Instagram @i_am_kiko, 23rd April 2018

This look is probably one of my favourites featured. This blue gingham two piece Kiko wore to an event at Kiddy Land, Harajuku, is super cute. The feathers add more texture and another dimension to the look, making the pieces even more stand out. The greyish-brown chunky heeled boots and orange headband not only add a splash more colour but draw everything together so nicely.

Source: Instagram @i_am_kiko, 12th December 2017

Such a good look. Although this styling for the Kiko's Office photoshoot is pretty straightforward, it is super effective. This denim crop jacket and skirt combo is just so dreamy. Once again, it has been matched with Kiko's signature knee high boots. A 70s influence is seen with the leopard print hat and the permed hair. I think this would be such a cute look for going to the disco with some friends.

Source: Instagram @i_am_kiko, 22nd November 2017

One word, HEAVENLY. The silhouette is so flattering on Kiko. This white satin tassel co-ord is simply beautiful. It brings the lingerie feel and influence so nicely and in a way that is classy and not too revealing but still super sexy. The knee high socks are a great touch and that little lilac handbag ties in everything so nicely and results in this look being such a moment.

Source: Instagram @i_am_kiko, 2nd May 2017

What a time the 2017 Met Gala was. Kiko is giving off such cool girl vibes in this black suit trousers and blazer. Of course, it is the see through chain top which has us talking. The contrast of the gold chains and the silver chain bralette underneath creates such a glam yet sophisticated look. The chunky silver chokers and the slicked hair truly shows Kiko means business.

Source: Instagram @i_am_kiko, 20th April 2017

Another Dior look, this time Kiko is wearing this delicate and angelic mesh dress from Christian Dior. This look is so loud but in a way that is so subtle. I like the way this bold dress has been muted down with simple accessories such as the black knee highs and that gorgeous black hearted shaped side bag. I am thankful that the dress has been made the main focus and is the star of this show.

Source: Instagram @i_am_kiko, 14th July 2018

Ready for the Disco? This look has so many influences incorporated into it which is why it just had to be included. This halter neck pinstripe one piece is stella. Paired with this chunky silver steel heart belt and these drop dead gorgeous OK hoop earrings, Kiko is making such a fierce statement.

Source: Instagram @i_am_kiko, 19th September 2019

A glitter queen. Kiko looks absolutely dazzling in this glitter halter neck dress she wore to a Tiffany event back in 2019. I think the cut of this dress suits so nicely and the addition of the gold jewellery with that silver diamond clutch makes this look so stand out.

Source: Instagram @i_am_kiko, 31st May 2019

Colour, shape and symmetry. This look has it all. Contrasting the pink satin silk dress with the bright red tights works so well. Add on the coloured nails helps to balance the look out even more. Don't even get me started on the hair, I am in love with it. Accompanied by the pink and orange liner, absolute chef's kiss.

Source: Instagram @i_am_kiko, 17th March 2017

In 2017, Kiko had her own collaboration with UNIF. This outfit from the promo shoot is so 2000s, Y2K inspired, we got to love it. The white mesh top with the denim bralette over is giving off such Britney vibes and with the pale blue fur coat, Kiko looks like a real pop princess. The chunky diamante choker and the silver hair clips bring the glam influence into the look

Source: Instagram @i_am_kiko, 6th August 2019

Although simple, I had to include this look because it was being reposted everywhere on instagram. A real life angel has bestowed upon us; Kiko is truly stunning in this sheer cami from UNIF. These angel wings and the slight breeze in her hair makes this such a look.

Stay in tune for our next style icon.

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