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Sustainable Summer Trends For 2021

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

With the world finally opening up and with there more and more chances to soak up the sun, now is the perfect time to invest in some of this year's most popular trends. Recently, the fashion world has been increasingly dominated by bright colours and cool patterns as the 60s-mod aesthetic becomes the rage across social media and with luxury fashion houses. In addition to this, materials and textile techniques such as crochet have also made a comeback, being summer fashion's most beloved material.

Now many consumers, despite wanting to own the latest trends, are becoming more wary of their own consumer habits and sustainability. Alongside this, the lockdown lifestyle caused by the Covid-19 pandemic not only led to many creatives starting their own independent and local businesses, but also to a bigger emphasis on supporting such businesses. Although day by day the pandemic seems to be a thing of the past, such values and realisations should be carried over into the future. Supporting independent designers and businesses has diversified the fashion market, whilst reviving the importance and charm of craftsmanship.

From fun jewellery made by local sellers to colourful co-ords worn by some of the world's most famous celebrities, here's your guide on where to purchase some of the biggest summer trends of 2021.

Instagram: @exyc_studio (Left) Depop: @annadrust (Right)

As previously mentioned, crochet has always been one of the most loved materials for the summer season. In particular crochet bags are proving to be one of the most sought after items, with many of them being made for and sold on Depop and Etsy. Exyc_studio is no exception, making one-of-kind floral crochet bags which are both practical and pretty. Exyc_studio has taken it one step further by also creating crochet tops and coasters perfect for the summer days. Depop shop, 'Anna's Shop' @annadrust has also gained popularity through her custom crochet designs, making a variety of patterns and styles with how most loved design being the classic checkerboard print.

Instagram: @thebeadedseries (Left) @annalisjewellery (Right)

One of the most fun trends of 2021 has been beaded accessories. With such accessories being all the rage back in many of our high school days, this trend offers a sense of nostalgia and a feeling of youth. Similar to crochet, many individuals have started to sell their own custom beaded designs. Some of the most unique designs have been created by the @thebeadedseries and @annalisjewellery. Implementing a range of fun Y2K style beads such as those of smiley faces, flowers and fruits, these vibrant pieces are sure to stand out.

Instagram: @qtbdesigns (Left) @jenniferloiselle (Right)

Resin and clay jewellery has arguably been one of the, if not the most loved trend of this year. With many celebrities and influencers wearing a variety of the chunky rings and earrings, this type of jewellery has helped to create a new type of 'artsy' aesthetic and has taken over instagram and TikTok feeds. Etsy shop @qtbdesigns offers a wide selection of both clay and polymer accessories, using patterns and colours inspired by the 60s and 70s. Whereas, London based designer @jenniferloiselle has created a range of funky and cartoon-style resin jewellery suited for those cute picnic days out.

Instagram: @holiday_the_label (Left) @lisasaysgah (Right)

Cool, comfortable and breathable, the oversized shirt is a must-have item for the summer season. It is not only easy to style but also helps to create that relaxed and casual beach-holiday look. Similar to the funky beaded and resin jewellery, bright patterns and graphics have become prominent. Sustainable brands Holiday The Label with its 'souvenir look' and Lisa Says Gah with its retro inspired aesthetic, both stock the dreamiest oversized shirts which are versatile and unique.

Instagram: @fanfarelabel (Left) @shopfluffy (Right)

A matching co-ord is something which everyone needs in their wardrobe. Ideal for those long blissful summer nights, Fanfare Linen Summer Co-Ord Short Set, which can be brought separately, is both beautiful, wearable and most importantly, ethically made. Fanfare sources its materials from women-led businesses and sustainable manufacturers highlighting the brand's incredible efforts into making the fashion world a more empowering and sustainable place. If you are looking for something with a pop of colour, Shop fluffy's matching co-ords are the perfect pick as brand's founder Lulu quotes that she strived to create 'a vision of my colourful imagination: bringing to life dreams of fabulous clothes'. Just last year one of the biggest girl group's in the world BLACKPINK wore some of Lulu's creations for their 'Ice Cream' music video. With its colourful and retro aesthetic, Shop Fluffy's designs will bring so much life and happiness to the everyday.


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